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What is the Rotilio IoT Lab?

Rotilio IoT Lab is a connected device that interacts with the area next to it. It has been developed for industry 4.0 and smart home applications, the automotive industry and green economy solutions.
It recognizes if light is on or off: you can put it in a room and it informs you whenever you want to be informed if there is a variation of light.
Furthermore, it captures vibrations in the surrounding area. Put it on an object or use the support you can find in the delivered kit to fix it on a device (coffee machine, lathe and anything that vibrates while in function) and it will tell you when the machine starts or stops working.
It knows the area in which it is in, put it wherever you need it and it will tell you if temperature is rising, if the pressure drops or if humidity is becoming excessive.
You can give Rotilio IoT Lab commands such as turn on or off e.g. home appliances, industrial machines or irroration systems.
You decide what Rotilio IoT Lab has to do for you and it will do it!
Rotilio IoT Lab interfaces with an App; it can be in touch with the user in a visual and auditive way and trough notifications via email or smartphone. Rotilio IoT Lab does not need to be assembled: simply put it on a table or machine and it will start working. You can also fix it using one of the three supports included in the kit.

Rotilio IoT Lab

Infinite fields of application

Smart industry

For the factory, Rotilio IoT Lab can be a fundamental assistant which provides information about the industrial processes and the different activities, about consumption and energy absorption, air quality, working hours of machines and accesses to the workplace. It sends regular reports containing these data.
Rotilio IoT Lab can also help you with the remote control of devices of internet, of energy or lightning.
It can be digitally connected to machines and existing systems so to collect data or manage the remote control and thus makes any kind of device a 4.0 one. In this way every current facilitation on behalf of super amortization can be adopted.
With its support Rotilio IoT Lab can be easily connected with the machine and begins collecting data by interfacing in real time with the IoTSite platform.

Smart energy

Rotilio IoT Lab can be helpful to monitor both energy production and consumption.

The efficiency of energy becomes really smart thanks to the measurements, the App and the punctual reports of Rotilio IoT Lab!

With Rotilio IoT Lab you can find out how to safe energy, how to optimize consumption and how to make production more efficient.

Start now monitoring how your energy is used in an easy, fast and outright way!

Smart building

Rotilio IoT Lab can turn any kind of house or building into a smart one!

It can give you precious information about the surrounding area so to program heating and cooling in an efficient way using remote or automatic controls. Furthermore, it monitors and adjusts the produced and accumulated energy of photovoltaic plants.

You can use one kind of the support if you want to fix it on the wall or the other kind if you want to put it on the table. The last one is light and portable and makes the Rotilio IoT Lab the first IoT device that goes wherever you go!

Automotive industry

If you work in the automotive industry Rotilio IoT Lab can make your work more efficient.

Even if the vans you use are not equipped with the latest technological devices they can become really smart by installing the Rotilio IoT Lab!

Fix it inside and Rotilio IoT Lab immediately gives you all the information you want about how much time the vehicles run, about their geolocalization and much more!

Turn your vehicle 1.0 in a vehicle 4.0 with Rotilio IoT Lab!

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Weekly Reports

Weekly reports: The weekly reports are easy and straightaway and quick to consult!

You will receive a complete PDF report via email which contains all the data collected by Rotilio IoT Lab.
Graphics, tables, diagrams are easy to consult and make it possible for you to understand immediately how the working process is going.
The report will soon be your favorite Monday morning notification!

You can visualize the collected data on-line, in real time!

On the dedicated website you can consult whenever you want to and wherever you are the graphics, the tables and the whole data collected by Rotilio IoT Lab.

The App: everything is at your disposal... always at hand!

With the smartphone App (iOS and Android) of Rotilio IoT Lab all data of interest is accessible for you.

Are the machines working? Where are the vans in this precise moment? How much energy is being consumed by the machines? What are the environmental conditions like for my employees and the machines? These are some of the questions the App can answer immediately!

Free for 30 days

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Can Rotilio IoT Lab be personalized?

Yes. We are at your disposal to fulfill your special requests: contact us via email or via phone +39 010 8315289 and we will talk about it.

Is the Test Drive for free?

Yes, it is fully for free and without obligation.
You don't even have to pay for the courier service if you send the Rotilio IoT Lab back! We will manage everything for you.

Are there any kind of obligations for me if I decide to start the Test Drive?

No, there absolutely are not.
You can receive the Rotilio IoT Lab wherever you want to and try how it works. You can contact us anytime if needed! After a month you can decide if you want to buy it (at a special prize) or send it back (completely without expenses).

How much does it cost if I want to buy it?

There are no activation costs and the subscription amounts to 0,69€ per day and per device. The service includes the weekly report, the fee for 3G license with world coverage and the mobile App.

How can I have technical support?

Send an e-mail to or call at +39 010 8315289.

What if the Rotilio IoT Lab is damaged?

We will replace the damaged Rotilio IoT Lab with a new one; if the damage was caused by negligence or improper use you will have to pay the cost of the device which amounts to 239 euro.

How can I send it back?

It is very easy: contact us and we will organize the shipment together.

Can I contact you if I have questions or curiosities?

Contact us anytime via e-mail or call us +39 010 8315289.

You can also contact us directly from our contact form.

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