10 Sep

An 80% Product Ready Company is a company that bases its business on three main aspects: creating a customizable product, meeting the needs of the customer, efficiency in the implementation of the finished product.

Creating a customizable product

Designing a customizable product is never easy because from the initial stages it is necessary to evaluate all the possible areas in which our target operates.

This process of analysis must be carried out in depth both in terms of hardware and software.

Think of having to design a hardware that meets the needs of multiple customers, evaluate the common components for all the solutions and you will have your standard hardware.

For example, for us who design hardware for the Internet of Things it is essential to think of a connected intelligence and to assess which connection can meet the needs of most customers, or which communication ports they need and other aspects such as the size , sensors and actuators of products.

For software development it is necessary to follow the same logic, to identify the common functions and not to fall into the "temptation" of customizing according to the needs of the individual customer, preferring a modular structure.

Why a customizable product to 20% may be the ideal solution?

After years of experience in the software world we have gained a certain affinity with the maximum "never reinvent the wheel", our philosophy is based on maintaining the simplest possible solution.

Aspects such as security, compatibility and updates, whether we are talking about hardware or software are fundamental and not simple to manage, they also need specific skills that not all companies have within them, thus increasing costs and time for the realization.

Purchasing an already complete product that can be customized according to our needs allows a drastic reduction in the development time of the solution allowing an entry into the IoT market in a short time without sacrificing the quality and safety of the project.

Example of an 80% standard solution 20% customization

For one of our customers, we have created a control system for single light points that are not connected to the traditional electricity grid.

The software and hardware products that were used in the realization of the project are the result of our philosophy of customizable standard solutions based on customer needs.

The hardware devices we used in the project are:

Rotilio Pro our basic module with communication functions provided with intelligence, combined with a specific board designed by us, allows to collect data on the operating status of the single lighting pole (batteries, solar panels, inclination and shocks) and control the switching on and off of the individual lights both on the basis of the weather conditions and on a programmed basis according to the ephemeris.

The IoTSite platform represents the software component of the project managing the collection of data logs, the historicization of data and the exposure of communication interfaces with encrypted protocols to the existing management software of third parties.