19 Nov

In Genoa was born the first sports field "4.0". The idea of the Genova Hockey 1980, which manages for some years a hockey and football field to 5 in the hilly district of Quezzi, met the professionalism of Techmakers, Genoese start-up of the sector for the iot ("Internet of things").

Thanks to "Rotilio", the device designed and realized by Techmakers, the "Quezzi Blu Stadium" of the Genova Hockey 1980 is the first "intelligent" field in Italy. Remote switching on and off of headlights, heating and hot water; measuring and optimizing energy consumption are just some of the things you can do with the "Rotilio" by Techmakers.

The measurement of energy consumption, eliminating waste and optimizing consumption, has allowed considerable savings on bills; the ignition of boilers for hot water and space heating, In fact, it happens when necessary: neither too early nor too late. In addition, the lights that illuminate the field can be switched on remotely, through the mobile phones of the coaches, who do not have to move from the field to go to turn on and then turn off the lights. The App is easy, practical and complete with information and control tools. Finally, the weekly report, automatically sent in email, offers data and graphs on energy consumption, giving ideas for further optimization.

Daniele Franza, president of Genova Hockey 1980: "As a sportsman, but also as a technology enthusiast, the moment my club found itself having to manage a sports field, I immediately realized that we could make the management more efficient and comfortable. Before, I had to keep the heat on even with the field empty, at night and in the morning; turn on the headlights too early; now I can see even if the coaches forgot the locker room lights on, And I can turn them off on my iPhone, even from miles away. I don’t know if ours is the first smart camp in Italy, but I definitely recommend it to everyone!"

Carlo cassinari, CEO of Techmakers explains: "Rotilio is our tool, designed for Industry 4.0, which has proved adaptable to very different use cases. When Daniele told me about his court, I knew right away that Rotilio could make his daily life more comfortable... and save him a lot of money too!"

For more information about Genova Hockey 1980: www.genovahockey1980.it
For more information about Techmakers: www.techmakers.it