28 Nov

Rotilio Maker Wi-Fi  is manufactured by Techmakers and we are proud to announce that from today it will be available to everyone on the Futura Elettronica website.

What is Rotilio Maker Wi-Fi?

Rotilio Maker Wi-Fi is a complete board with actuators and sensors that allow the interaction between the virtual world and the physical world, designed specifically to realize with simple steps iot projects and prototypes.
Thanks to the presence on board of sensors and actuators Rotilio Maker Wi-Fi allows for example the measurement of the temperature or humidity of an environment, the ignition or the extinguishing of lights or the heating system remotely.

Sensors and actuators on Rotilio Maker Wi-Fi:

- The temperature sensor
- Sensor for moisture content
- Pressure sensor and pressure sensor
- The brightness sensor
- buzzer
- Relè
- 2 push buttons
- potentiometer
- Port RS485
- GPIO header with analogue, digital and PWN signals

Wi-Fi connectivity:

- PHOTON, Wi-Fi Connectivity Module

What can you do with Rotilio Maker Wi-Fi?

A simple application to be realized with Rotilio Maker Wi-Fi, is an intelligent thermostat, once activated your photon on the site of particle, you can immediately start developing your application, or follow the tutorial that step by step will guide you in the realization of the thermostat.

Thermostat Tutorial https://github.com/techmakers/openthermo_firmware (in Italian)

Through Techmakers instructions and firmware you can control the boiler and heating system from your smartphone, turning on the radiators when you need them most or setting a temperature under which the heating must turn on.

This application is just an example of what Rotilio Maker Wi-Fi can help you accomplish, there’s no limit to your imagination, start creating now!

Rotilio Maker Wi-Fi, the portable iot laboratory

Experiences and learns to develop iot applications with Rotilio Maker Wi-Fi, a complete board that through Wi-Fi allows data collection and interaction with the physical world. 
Designed specifically to be used by everyone, novices, curious or professionals in the field to create projects or simply to test yourself. 

Learn more about Rotilio Maker Wi-Fi (in Italian)

Why choose Rotilio Maker Wi-Fi

We created Rotilio Maker because today many developers want to realize iot projects but they do not find a complete platform with which it is possible to experiment and realize prototypes that can really become products on the market.

Rotilio Maker is a CE certified development platform consisting of powerful and easy to use open source hardware and software, Arduino compatible.

The developer can start experimenting right away without necessarily knowing how sensors, relais and firmware work.

Discover the web app and how to start implementing your projects with Rotilio Maker Wi-Fi on rotilio.cc (In Italian)

Start creating and experimenting buy Rotilio Wi-Fi Maker on Futura Elettronica (In Italian)