30 May

Benefits from hyper and super depreciation were extended to the year 2018 for those who adopt  Smart Industry solutions.

The super depreciation has been extended until the 31 December 2018 and provides a payment of 40% and the subsidized products can be proposed until June 2019. Furthermore, the super depreciation will be reduced by 10%, passing from 140% to130%.

The hyper depreciation of 250% will also end on 31 December 2018. Until then deposits of at least 20% of the total cost have to be made and the order has to be accepted by the seller. The product has to be delivered until December 2019.

Here some further news: there is now the possibility to replace the products concerning hyper depreciation during their depreciation period with products with at least the same features and there are three new points in  attachment B regarding non material goods, software for reality and logistics and e-commerce.

Official documents:

Ministero dello sviluppo economico
Attachment A
Attachment B

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