28 Jun

On June 20, at the headquarters of CONFINDUSTRIA PIACENZA took place the seminar on the iot, an event promoted by Techmakers Telema group.
The program of the speakers has evidenced as the digital transformation will regard all the fields of the Italian manufacturing section, from rationalizing energy consumption to increasing production to creating new products thanks to enabling technologies of the Internet of Things.

The power of power metering

We have commented on examples of power metering and through consulting the Techmakers Automatic Production Reports, how to save energy used by machines and increase production. The core of the technology described is the total interconnection of objects, able to communicate machines of different types, governed by software of different type followed by different people; making all communications integrated into one, understandable, control panel searchable by PC or Smartphone.

How to use the IoT

Carlo Cassinari (CEO Techmakers) accompanied us to the discovery of ROTILIO, explaining how “adopt” an iot technology but especially what you need to be well informed about. The advantages that can be gained from the iot are highlighted and discussed, of how measurements are carried out and how the data must be conveyed in the Cloud until reaching the final application on the web interface or smartphone. Privacy and data security is a very important issue; we have commented on the OWASP rules, cornerstones to prevent any unauthorized external intrusion.

How objects speak

Do data generate value? Of course yes, one of our customers used data from sensors to increase production and reduce energy waste. The graphs present in the report (in the time span of two months) show how the performance of the production line has improved: -13% of energy consumed, +17% of hours worked. (see the image Automatic report)

Make the difference

Of particular interest has been the case history on renewable energies, Enrico Isnardi (Chairpersons of the Consortia Pellet Ingauno and Energia Pulita) tells us about the objective achieved with the inauguration of the first certified Ligurian site for the production of pellets at zero km. The energy, supplied by a photovoltaic system, is used by the production line, the excess energy is accumulated by the batteries of the consortium's plant and vans or poured onto the national network. The president has defined of fundamental importance the acquisition and use of the monitoring data in the field of renewable energies, thanks to Techmakers it is possible to quantify the energy produced, accumulated, stored and resold, as well as programming production to take advantage of the photovoltaic system.

The IoT that is worthwhile

Of particular interest was the fiscal theme and how the “technologies of the internet of things” benefit from the super depreciation that in some cases can reach 170% of the higher deductible cost. There is still little time to take advantage of the facilities both for those who realize and for those who transform a production plant… so, hurry!

A new approach to energy

We at Techmakers are convinced that monitoring the energy produced or consumed is of fundamental importance to better understand the use we make of it and the optimization margins, well aware that energy consumption is strictly related to the efficiency of the production process.
Our commitment to our customers is the development of intelligent energy monitoring systems that can provide the end user with real support for understanding how they are using energy and decision on how best to use it, efficient production, for this reason we are always at your disposal to frame the specific needs of your sector and your market: from the experiences in smart building, smart Industry and smart energy can facilitate the understanding of the phenomenon of digitization to the customer, alongside it in the choice of technologies through which you can realize and monetize the future.

See you soon.