13 May

IOT and green solutions can perfectly coexist in your business: let's see how to create this combination without making mistakes.

Sensors for energy needs

Managing the energy needs of the company is not always easy and this is due to a series of difficulties such as, for example, the diversity of consumption that characterizes the various machines used by your company for the production of goods.
Not being able to adopt a single measure for all the systems, the ideal solution consists in the installation of different energy sensors.
These have a dual purpose, namely to let you know how much is consumed by that machinery and prevent energy waste: if, for example, a production system requires 40 Wh to operate and the electricity grid delivers 50, the excessive part will not be consumed by the instrument in question.
To add to the sensor's functions there is also the signaling of any faults: if a system does not work properly you will be notified of the fault and as a result you will be able to intervene and prevent the electricity from being wasted simply by disconnecting that machine from the company's electricity network.

Self-production systems for your energy needs

The second green solution that joins the IOT consists in the realization of a system that exploits renewable sources whose product is carefully divided among the various appliances present in the company.
Thanks to renewable sources, such as sunlight or wind, you will not need to have a classic electrical system and this represents the first advantage you will get, that is you will remove from the budget the cost of traditional energy, which will be replaced by the ecological one produced by yours company.
To this main advantage also add the installation of various energy accumulators: these will come into operation if there is a fault in the plant or in other circumstances, making sure that your company never remains without electricity and is, consequently, unproductive.
Choose the renewable source that best suits your needs to achieve the energy savings you've always wanted to achieve.
On the prices front you have to take into account the fact that you will be making an investment, therefore the cost of the installation, the one related to the installation and configuration will be all expenses that will be recovered in the short term.

The plan to use electricity in the company

The third remedy that allows you to achieve significant energy savings is to plan the phases of use of certain machines that allow your company to be productive.
Putting this green solution into practice requires, as a first fundamental step, an in-depth study carried out with extreme care in the consumption that is carried out by all the equipment present in your company.
By carefully studying this parameter, you can choose combinations of instruments that can save you electricity and reduce the cost of your bill.
If during the evening the rates are lower than the morning hours, in the reduced price range you will be able to operate the machines that require large amounts of electricity both to be started up and to carry out that phase of production.
In the other daily bands, which may be characterized by slightly higher costs, you can instead put into operation the machines that require less current to be operational.
In this case the IOT is applied during the use of programs that allow you to know the energy consumption and operate the various machines, setting the phase of action of the machines according to the plan you have made in a fairly careful and considered way.
In addition, you also have the opportunity to carry out various tests through which you can find additional solutions that will make the price of the bill lower and lower than the standard you are used to.
Remember that the checks must be carried out with precision, so that a better combination than the one you have set does not escape you, creating a situation in which energy saving is only apparent but is not achieved consistently by your company.

With these three solutions you will make your company more green than in the past.