19 Jun

Through the terminology coined in the last decade with "Industry 4.0" a true industrial revolution is identified, aimed at completely distorting the way of understanding the manufacturing production sector. Among the innumerable steps forward made by companies, especially those dedicated to the distribution of food products, there is therefore the one linked to the new process of digitization of resources, aimed at safeguarding the efforts and fatigue of those who, like you, demonstrate every day to have the fate of his business at heart.

Radical changes for the new industry project

The vast majority of industrial experts have well thought of taking measures to bring about a significant change in the various areas of production. These include the food industry, which is increasingly destined to become the new strength of an industry that grows under the sign of production, digitalization and the futuristic era, better known as the "Internet of Things". Thus, a manufacturer that bases its daily efforts on a long and reasoned activity intensified from all points of view, can finally reason in terms of an unprecedented revolution, based mainly on technological innovation.

Work organization and resource optimization

Since the early years of conceptualization of the new sense of industry, there are more and more food business owners ready to upset the plans of their business, up to enriching them with numerous other improvements, aimed at safeguarding parameters of vital importance for the manufacturing activity , or rather those inherent in a better organization of work and in the bare and raw optimization of the resources available to invest and increase commercial revenues on an annual basis. Through the adoption of automated mechanisms, able to exploit technology to the maximum, for example, even your company can benefit from an innumerable amount of advantages. One of all that certainly linked to a greater intensification of production processes, through the control of the resources available for investing and an indispensable use of new technologies capable of placing in an increasingly strong relationship, the production activity and the capacity of the machines to better manage the production phase of each company. Since the technological devices, interconnected with each other, work uninterruptedly with a view to an ever more constant digitization of data, even your business could therefore derive the maximum benefits.

Smart food industry

As in all sectors of the industry, even in feeding the connected machinery will bring enormous benefits throughout the supply chain, from the cultivation and collection of raw materials to the production of food.
In cultivation, for example, sensors are used that send information on the soil, plants and water, allowing the growth of plants to be monitored through scientific nutritional data, making the most of the biological cycle of the soil, production will be increased, while respecting nutritional values of the soil. In addition, in the greenhouses, if equipped with solar panels, the growers will be able, through the energy monitoring of the plant, to decide when to carry out the activities that require the use of energy-intensive machinery such as an invader, reducing production costs.

The new technologies used

With the industry 4.0, the new technologies integrated in the machinery, capable of satisfying a wide range of customers, offering the best of opportunities, are also undergoing a profound revolution. Technological innovation, all rigorously designed for a better optimization of production work, concerns more closely the automation of production processes, simulation, Big Data and Big Analytics, the Cloud service, Cyber-security, reality increased and the Internet of Thing. And it is precisely on this last point that the processes concerning the new concept of industry find their full point of landing. The so-called "Internet of things" in fact concerns a new way of communicating and of understanding the exchange of information that exists between the machines during the production phase, in order to derive countless benefits in the context of greater flexibility of work in the company . The best activities devoted to the development of new software, then, have given a boost to the desire to intensify any type of activity by the commercial companies that have decided to join the new industrial project. So, you too, as a good entrepreneur, you can have a set of software dedicated to the implementation of rich innovations in production, technology and digital. Valid examples, in this sense, are constituted by Techmakers and Rotilio.

Techmakers and Rotilio, two pillars of software implementation

Rotilio Smart Industry, led by the pillars of the Techmakers software implementation, knows what it means to have the destiny of the production process in the heart. Thus, if you decide to use it in the future, you will be fully aware of the importance of the software to increase the revenue of your business. Through a database full of useful information to intensify production in the best way, a graphical interface enhanced and simplified at the highest levels, you can have a series of information in real time, such as constant monitoring of the production process reducing waste and increasing the efficiency of the machines, an in-depth analysis of the activities carried out in the context of manufacturing and, finally, a Cloud space dedicated to the exchange of information useful for the relaunch of the company, maintaining a constant relationship of collaboration that can be established with the various realities on the market.