28 May

In the world of industry and beyond, today companies must adopt technologies and management structures increasingly sophisticated and complex, which allow them to monitor all production processes in order to improve their efficiency. The progress in this area is represented by the technologies of the Internet of Things, that is by "objects" able to connect and collect data, and by data processing systems. The entire collection and processing process must be protected through cybersecurity systems that drastically reduce the possibility that all the information collected is used by third parties in an improper way.

In the seminar Industry 4.0 in action! Concrete cases of application of the IoT we will go through the testimony of some of our customers, the path that their companies have faced and how the technologies adopted have enabled them to achieve the goals set by improving quality and working conditions.

The products and applications will be presented with the help of demos so as to be able to actively experiment with the proposed solutions, in addition, an in-depth analysis will also be devoted to the regulations on hyper-depreciation.

Techmakers has been an official partner of important companies in the manufacturing, renewable energy and smart home sectors for years, for which we have developed IoT solutions alongside them in the process of transforming the company not only with our hardware and software products but above all by dedicating moments of transfer of know how by providing our customers with a complete service to be able to face all the challenges that this revolution implies.


Come and discover how Techmakers technologies can help your company, we are waiting for you on Thursday 20 June at Confindustria Piacenza in Via IV Novembre 132.

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The seminar is held in Italian


9:00     Welcome
9:30     Opening remarks
9:40     Industrial Internet of Things explained to CEO & CTO (Carlo Cassinari, Techmakers Founder)
     The IoT must be accepted not only by the CTO, but must also be born from a vision of the CEO, from the marketing direction and from Research and Development.

9:50    Case History:
            Industry 4.0 (Carlo Cassinari, Techmakers Founder)
            Fairfild s.r.l. Techmakers data acquisition system on ceramic power heating elements

            Energy (Sergio Torre, Business Development Director Duferco Energia S.p.A.)
            Industrial energy monitoring and renewable energy
10:20    Coffee Break
10:35    Safety of IoT systems (Carlo Cassinari, Techmakers Founder)
              Protection of transmitted data, authentication, sensitive data and privacy: the ten rules of Techmakers
10:45    Case History:
              Renewable energies (Enrico Isnardi, president of the Pellet Ingauno consortiums and clean energy)
      Techmakers power metering systems applied to the photovoltaic plant (Energy Clean Consortium) and pellet production plant (ingauno pellet consortium).
               Production (Alessandro Linfante, Techmakers Technical & Sales)
       Siem Fusani s.r.l., a metalworking company specializing in the design and construction of metal structures, uses Rotilio to monitor machine operations and schedule production.
        Smart Product (Paolo Grassini, Mydatec)
        Mydatec of the Telema Group, like Rotilio of Techmakers, has made the air filtration, cooling and heating systems smarter, opening up to other business models.
11:25    Hyper-amortization of IoT systems (Sergio Martone, Fiscalista)
      When is the IoT a subsidized asset? National Industry Plan 4.0, meaning of over-amortization, rates, and to which assets apply.
11:40     Conclusion: Digital Laboratory and Q&A
12:30     Seminar End