16 Sep

Internet of things and augmented reality: two fundamental tools of Industry 4.0

The convergence of digital and virtual worlds with the physical world is one of the great promises of Industry 4.0 and is developing a greater focus on cybernetic systems. According to several studies, the total expenditure used in augmented reality is expected to double every year until 2021. The production processes will replace the expenditure of consumer services in a virtual or increased reality (VR/AR) by 2021.
The Internet of Rhings (IoT), represents a topic decidedly interesting for the fields tied to the computer science and the business. Augmented reality is acquiring a new dimension with the ability of the IoT to connect and use digital information from physical devices. Using specialized hardware and software, augmented reality perfectly overlaps 3D digital content with the real world.
The use of AR (augmented Reality) is also being implemented in other fields besides those where it is already popular, such as media, entertainment and video games: for example, thanks to unique user experience and the ability to interpret its digital "twin", augmented reality allows companies to modernise the entire range of business functions, from research and development to the commitment of customers and employees in the manufacturing, production and field sectors.

Differences and applications of the two technologies

The IoT acts as a bridge between physical resources and the digital infrastructure, while the RA creates the digital by interacting with the physical environment in real time. Take the example of workers and engineers accessing IoT data in real time in the workshop, where these technologies are implemented to get the best possible result: augmented Reality devices (handheld or mounted, for example, on the head) are aware of the spatial configuration of the environment where the worker operates, and can therefore perceive what he is looking at, to display intuitively only the data necessary for the current operation. 
These augmented Reality and IoT applications can be applied to management maintenance in remote locations, under low visibility and high temperature conditions and other hazardous situations: In a way, the possibilities are really endless.

A versatile combination that benefits all sectors globally

The IoT has already gained phenomenal popularity among businesses. 
According to some reports from Software.org, adding the AR size to the IoT expands its potential. 
For example, in health care, it can enable surgeons to perform better complicated procedures by performing accurate 3D reconstructions of the part of the body they are operating on, while they are connected in real time to devices that transmit statistics and vital information. In retail, the AR can bridge the gap between online and offline, providing the customer with the best solution between the two technologies.
For example, IKEA is already harnessing the power of AR to help customers visualize how furniture will look in their home and how those pieces can be customized to fit the desired environment.
From automobiles to mobile phones, modern production requires bringing together hundreds of large and small components in a precise and predetermined order. The presence of a 3D project superimposed on the actual process allows easier access and detailed instructions, while an intelligent and connected supply chain ensures that the pieces are always stored and ready for use.

All business advantages deriving from connection of IoT and AR

The IoT-AR blend offers a number of business advantages, such as:
Standard Quality Improvement: The HR includes a range of systems and technologies that provide real-time practical guidance to ensure that activities are completed safely, correctly and efficiently.
One of the most important features that make this kind of standardization possible is the "no Faults forward" functionality, that is the impossibility to advance in the presence of errors, which must be integrated in the system. This ensures that the steps are completed in the correct sequence before allowing the user to move on to the next stage of the process. This, in practice, eliminates most of the inaccuracies that result from human error and ensures that the right steps, processes and sequences are always followed.
customization and efficiency: much of the power and utility of the AR would be wasted if these systems were not flexible enough to be used in a wide range of different applications and processes. AR displays can be easily adopted for multiple functions and under different conditions. Easy and intuitive to use, AR is a technology that helps workers and employees solve problems more easily, thus increasing their productivity.

An innovation that is changing the face of industry

The connected enterprise is becoming the new business reality. This not only offers a better customer experience, but also integrates the innovation that transforms the model of interaction with the latter: it provides personalized and contextual services that help to improve the value of each brand. The convergence of AR and IoT transforms conventional processes to improve response times, reducing operating costs; more importantly, it is enabling companies to achieve better performance, opening new revenue channels with the possibility to act in an informed way through more in-depth data.

IoT for every company thanks to Techmakers

The implementation of a technology such as the Internet of things in your company has countless advantages, but it can often be an extra difficulty for those who are not sure how to proceed.
This is why Techmakers has set itself the goal of helping companies to exploit their products with IoT technologies designed specifically for industry 4.0.
Applications, software and other virtual services are necessary means to improve the production, quality and innovation of products, and Techmakers experts know this.
For this reason they have created Rotilio, an electronic device that, simply positioned in an environment or on a machine, can signal changes in temperature, humidity or energy: a very simple and economical medium, who does not need configurations to start operating in the interests of your company.
Rotilio is the ideal solution for any company that does not want to fall behind in the race for 4.0 technologies, using IoT devices that will improve performance and consumption for more efficient and controlled production.
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