21 Oct

Domotics: company and office automation

When you hear about domotics you always imagine a home environment that through "smart" devices is improved through the management of lights, heating and air conditioning systems, but domotics can also be a valid ally in working environments where we all spend most of our time.
In offices and companies the use of smart products brings not only an improvement of the working environment but also a management of resources, the liveability of the environment and associated costs.
Below we analyze in which areas of working life domotics turns out to be a valid ally:
Control of the lighting system: not only the control of the lighting on and off, but also the adjustment of the intensity optimal for the working environment, allowing greater comfort for the worker, preventing visual fatigue and thus safeguarding his health.
Control of the air conditioning and thermoregulation system: the proper management of the air conditioning and heating system allows a saving of 30% of the utilities in addition to creating a healthy environment.
Security control: from video surveillance to smoke, fire and flood sensors.
Access control: it is possible to control access to the entire office or even to restricted and sensitive areas such as management or archives.

All the data collected through the devices present in the company will be processed and made accessible so as to evaluate strategies for example to increase productivity or reduce consumption and thus costs.

Techmakers, is one of the best companies that deal with the road of technological innovation, in favour of companies that want to renew their way of being on the market.
We take into account the fact that, for example, the knowledge and application of new technologies has become essential in order to contain all the management costs of the properties that host them.
Among the priorities we must also consider making working spaces more sustainable and healthier for everyone: this last point can no longer be kept on standby.
Lighting, air conditioning, automation: by now we know that everything can work well with apps, but not only, so the smart office also becomes a necessity, more and more affordable for everyone.

The smart office improves the business: here’s how you organize an environment

The smart office can be considered as an ecosystem of latest generation technologies, consisting of versatile workspaces and people increasingly connected to each other; it is also characterized by the use of spaces totally different from the usual: meeting rooms that become networking, creating a network of contacts that make possible the mode of networking of multiple computers and users at the same time.
Working within this network also allows you to exploit, expand and share knowledge, data, skills and opportunities: a good investment for business expansion.
This arrangement is realized through the installation of the Wireless network, which allows a unique and constant communication and connection: in this way you can also operate outside the working environment properly understood.
At this point we need to talk briefly about the 5G, the new generation network that will supplant the current 4G LTE: we will soon enter the new era of devices always connected, at a speed that will be much higher than it is at the moment, taking some of our problems away.
In general, these new ways of working are made possible by the use of tools such as:
machine learning
The smartphone is the new notebook: with the tablet it is part of the new category of portable and lightweight technological tools.
Their wide employment in the field of work, allows people to move more even during work, since you do not need to sit hours at the desk, maybe to read emails.
Designing a smart office, therefore, means not only reducing the number of workstations, but rethinking the spaces and tasks of each one, according to the logic for which they are designed.

Finding a business partner to innovate

It is now a question of introducing, and above all learning to manage, the new technologies in the company. 
This will be the task of Techmakers who, with its experience and professionalism, will accompany you in a world full of news and technological answers, designed for your specific work needs.
With the creativity of its young team, Techmakers has designed the device Rotilio IoT Lab: a complete and avant-garde product that, after having tried it, will be indispensable, also for the vastness of possible applications, within your own company.
It will be, for you, the opportunity to fully connect the physical world with the virtual world, at costs that will amaze you for their convenience.
With Rotilio IoT Lab, the Internet of things, from the sensor to web and mobile applications, will have no more secrets: its software and its hardware will become your faithful ally.
From the production standard report, including machine functionality, to the control of heating devices, lights, safety and more, you will periodically have a clear picture of what you are producing.
You can also be always updated on any need or anomaly, that should occur in the field: the warehouse, for example, will always have the necessary things to meet internal and external needs of the company.
Rotilio will be your practical ally who will remain to monitor the company situation, even during the closing days, providing fresh data on your return, without making you wait and waste time.
It is the instrument always connected, of little footprint, and economic, that does what you ask and does it in your place.