Smart home connected, environmentally friendly, at your service allows you to easily create projects that will make your home a more comfortable place.

Our devices: Rotilio Maker, Rotilio Pro, Rotilio Ralays Array, Rotilio Power Meter, connected to our APPs let the end user control and monitor light system, heating, air conditioning, and alternative energy production systems.

The manufacturer, the installer and the administrator can all create value for the end user, reusing all our know-how and our technologies, without having to work from scratch.

  • End-to-end solution which covers all the production process from software to hardware.
  • Customizable mobile app with your logo.
  • Apple Homekit® e Google Home® Integration.
  • Remote service.
  • Push notifications and customizable alerts.
Discover Rotilio IoT Lab

What is a Smart home

You create your Smart home using home automation systems, also known as domotics.

The term “domotics” comes from the merge of the latin word “domus” (home) and “robotics”. It is the interdisciplinary science that studies technologies aimed to improve the quality of life in the house and, more generally, in man-made environments.

How to make a home Smart

  • Connect all systems so that it is possible to remotely access them.
  • Make system management intelligent by automatically coordinating settings and controls.
  • Realize energy savings by using renewable energy at the right moment, thanks to real time production monitoring through push notification alerts.