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In this white paper we try to see if it is really possible to create valid and sustainable IoT solutions for the final customer. One thing is to play with Arduino and turn on a light when a tweet comes in.
A completely different thing is to coordinate a network of sensors and actuators installed in applications on field.
If the networks to organise are in number of thousands you can clearly see how the gap between the succesful Arduino experiment and a sustainable commercial solution becomes.
The technological stack which is necessary to create a working and scalable network is made of communication protocols, servers, maintenance software, firmware, devices, sensors, actuators.
Even if only one of these layers shows up an anomaly or weakness the entire work of the years before or the success of a great innovative idea is in danger to fail.
Thus there are decisions to be made in every single technological layer to be able to intervene on every single level to modify, scale, integrate, a solution with new ideas on a base of temporal view which should beas long as possible.


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